Dumpster and Portable Potty Rental

Renting a dumpster is as easy as finding the things in your home that you do not need and filling the bin. The thought that goes into selecting a dumpster or disposing of the waste afterward in an environmentally safe way requires the skill of experts in the field. When you have rubbish that you want us to take care of for you, you can contact us through the information you will find on our website where we can also discuss the unique nature of your project and give you informed options to choose from.

We however, maintain a list of items that we do not allow into our dumpsters. Our portable bins are specially made to take care of all the waste in your home. Among the various wastes that we get rid of for our customers include old garments and even furniture. If the item is not in a condition to be donated or sold then we can get rid of it for you.
Our dumpsters come in different sizes depending on the nature and amount of rubbish to be gotten rid of. Since we do not tolerate waste that is sticking above the top edges of our portable dumpsters, we recommend planning for larger containers to avoid the additional charges that may be included in the invoice in the event this occurs. Having to include additional charges on your invoice is the last thing we would like to do because we stand on our word on the fees we charge.

Some of the waste we do not accept going into our dumpsters are radioactive substances, chemical products, paint, propane tanks, most automotive material like tires, asbestos and all liquids. We do this in an effort to ensure the safety of our staff and conserve the environment.

If you are looking for clean, affordable and prompt services then you have come to the right place. We have state of the art portable washrooms, hand sanitizers and sinks. We have a team of well trained and knowledgeable staff who will walk with you every step of the way to make your event a success. More details can be found here so do check it out!

To ensure that you get the best out of our services we stick to a rigorous routine to ensure you get your money’s worth. The portable washroom is established in a location that is both secure and can be accessed by you guests. The tanks are monitored to ensure that they have enough water and chemical solution. We sanitize seats, urinal, and floor in addition to vacuuming all the waste from the tanks. You can also get in touch with us when you require repairs or supplies for the portable washrooms.

Our portable washrooms are built for most occasions including weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties, and corporate events. Our services are unmatched as we provide the best portable washrooms in the entire state. Our special event unit comes with a spacious interior, four different colors to choose from, a hand sanitizer and features that allow the unit to be anchored down and therefore ideal for all weather conditions.

Make sure you visit our website to learn more about the services we offer and give us a call if you require any of our services. Go here if you are in need of porta potty rentals in Michigan.

For more info on dumpsters, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumpster.

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